You will have customers

I will understand what your client needs and create a logical, functional website that will finally start working for your business. In simpler terms: clients will start contacting and buying your services/products more frequently.

You won't overpay

A professional high-quality website at a reasonable price? Yes, it is possible. I design unique websites with a focus on increasing sales for your company. You don’t need to hire a team of marketers; I will do it better.

You won't waste time

There’s no need for you to wait for weeks or months to finish the project. You can expect that I will complete the work for you precisely in the time that is needed. That’s why I can complete the vast majority of websites in approximately 1 week.

You will receive a unique website

designed in a logical and functional manner

In my projects, I emphasize on:

  • User Flow (which is part of UX) – the purchase path
  • User Exprience (UX) – user impressions: attractiveness, ergonomics, usability
  • User Interface (UI) – aesthetics and functionality.

The most important are the impressions of your client,

exactly, they are the ones buying your services/products from you

That’s why, before I start designing, I always:

  • I talkabout your company, clients – their needs, concerns
  • I review competitor websites, especially those well-executed ones
  • I analyze all the information, and only then I begin the work based on it

Websites in Wroclaw

I not only create websites but also implement various types of software
  • online shops, product catalogs
  • reservation systems for guesthouses/hotels
  • reservation systems for medical clinics
  • systems for real estate agencies
  • online invoicing systems
  • dating systems/platforms
  • car presentation systems
  • car rental systems
  • Internet forums
  • CRM systems
  • mailing systems
  • website translation systems for multiple languages

I offer to all clients

reliable services and a professional approach, in short 😉
  • Individual/unique design and execution – each time I create a custom website according to trends and needs. I don’t implement “ready-made templates,” which sets me apart significantly from many competing companies. You always see the website as it’s being created, which is not only an exciting experience but also allows us to discuss all aspects from the very beginning, so you never feel disappointed with the project.
  • High quality at the best price – to achieve the best price-to-quality ratio, I rely solely on proven solutions, ensuring a professional approach even to the simplest project.
  • A tailor-made solution for many years – in each case, you receive the possibility of easy and cost-effective website expansion in the future. In the future, you can give the website a facelift or rebuild it without incurring the initial costs of design, installation, and software purchase.
  • Short, non-extended deadlines – if you value timely completion of the website, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to years of experience, I work quickly and professionally. By entrusting me with the website development, you save not only money but, above all, time, which is crucial in every business.
  • Conversion-focused websites – by prioritizing the end user’s experience (your customer), I create websites that increase conversion rates from Google Ads, email marketing, Facebook Ads, and organic search results. Thanks to this approach, advertising expenses decrease, and customer acquisition becomes significantly more effective. After creating a new website and well-managed campaigns, advertising budgets can be up to 90% lower, often with better efficiency. I also handle company marketing services.
  • Company logo – if you are starting and do not have a professional logo yet, I will create a simple logo for you at no extra cost as part of the website development. And if you need a professional design, you can count on me to find the right solution.
  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) websites – as a standard, I design aesthetically pleasing, logical, and functional websites, considering the website as an organized, logical collection of all information, graphics, and images. Indeed, such websites effectively increase sales.
  • Responsive websites – I create separate, aesthetically pleasing versions of websites for all resolutions, starting from mobile phones, through tablets, and ending with computers.
  • A large number of modules – all the websites I create include basic elements such as a contact form ith the possibility of sending an automatic response to the client, location map, gallery, portfolio, links to social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and a slider displaying slides/images on the homepage.
  • Translations into different languages – I implement professional software that enables the website to be indexed in Google search engine, in the respective language.
  • Website administration from the browser – I install dedicated software on proven systems for website administration, which allows managing all the websites I create from the browser.
  • SEO optimization, better Google rankings – every website I create is basic SEO optimized for Google search engine. Thanks to this, it’s easier to achieve better positions in the search engine. I conduct SEO audits on demand.
  • Free and reliable hosting + email for the first year of collaboration. As part of the hosting service, I offer assistance with minor changes on the website, such as text corrections, adding a new phone number, etc.
  • Protection against hacking and spam – as a standard, I secure websites against so-called hacking attempts protection against bots (intrusion programs) and spam from the contact form. By having your website done by me, you won’t encounter situations where the website disappears, or “ugly ads” start showing up, nor will your inbox get cluttered with unwanted messages from the contact form.
  • Technical and marketing support without any additional charges throughout the entire cooperation period. In case of any issues or questions, you can always give me a call. Supporting clients has been, is, and will always be my priority. Your success is also my success. If more than just marketing support is needed, I also provide marketing consultancy and management services for businesses.
  • Guaranteed performance – each time, I secure the website against hackers and implement commercial software that receives regular updates (unlike free solutions). That’s why I guarantee you smooth website performance for the next several years. Indeed, I don’t really need to do it because none of my clients’ websites have ever stopped working.

Professionalism with a large dose of experience.

I have been operating in the internet industry since 2000. Therefore, by entrusting the website development to me, you can count on full professionalism mixed with a large dose of experience. It is precisely the experience that allows me to provide high-quality services at very reasonable prices. Thank you! Feel free to contact me.

Gerard Grech – CEO, owner

Some of my clients